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Catboy microfics

Suho/Kai » catboy-masquerading-as-human AU » G » ~260 words
Jongin drops his duffel bag inside the door, kicking off his shoes with a rather inappropriate moan as his aching feet are released from their canvas prisons. He barely makes it to the sofa before collapsing and promptly passing out.

He wakes when it's dark to something too heavy to be a blanket on his back and rumbly purrs vibrating through his vertebrae to his ribs and collarbones. “Hyung?”

“You’re awake.”

“Yeah. . .” Jongin starts to roll over.

Joonmyun pushes himself up on his knees and elbows, allowing Jongin to shift onto his back easier, and settles back down on his chest, hands stacked at the base of Jongin’s throat.

“When did you get home?” Jongin asks. He lazily raises an arm and runs his fingers through Joonmyun’s hair, scratching at the base of his tall ears.

Eyes half-shut blissfully. Joonmyun purrs, “A few minutes ago.”

“How was work?”

The hybrid makes a non-committal sound in his throat. His day was busy, as usual, there was nothing to tell. His ears had itched all day, and his tail was finally working out the kinks from being confined by twitching and swishing in the open air.

Jongin changes the subject. “I made it through that new choreography without messing up today.”

“Very good!” Joonmyun smiles. “I told you that you could do it. It just takes time. Impatience doesn't equal improvement.”

Jongin grins a bit sheepishly but shrugs in agreement. He continues to scratch Joonmyun’s ears, adding a hand running up and down the hybrid’s spine and enjoying the tickling vibrations of the growing purrs.

Chen/Lay » shy catboy AU » G » ~420 words
After a long, exhausting day of running around the office working a dozen projects at once, Jongdae barely made it home on his feet. He was pretty sure his knees hit the hardwood floor the moment he had his apartment unlocked, and he merely crawled to the sofa and passed out.

Yixing watched curiously from his perch on the sill of the open window. His tail twitched, and he couldn't resist getting closer. He knelt beside the couch and crossed his arms beside the human, resting his chin on his forearms and watching silently.

Jongdae craked an eye open and glanced at the cat, whose ears perked, sensing the attention.

"Can I get you anything?"

"No, just. . ." Jongdae kicked his second-guessing conscious in the metaphorical nuts and took the plunge. "Come up here?"

Yixing's ears swivelled back, but he didn't move otherwise. "I'm too big."

"No, you're not."

"I'm bigger than you are."

Jongdae rolled onto his side and pressed his back into the sofa. "Look at all this room."

The delicate white ears flicked up forward and flattened out to the sides. Yixing looked uncertain, waiting for a "Just kidding!" or "Nevermind!," neither of which came after many moments of waiting.

Shyly, he slunk onto the couch beside the human.

Jongdae squinted sleepily at Yixing's face. "I'm so tired. . ."

"You need rest. Just take a nap."

Rather than replying, Jongdae draped an arm over Yixing's shoulder, pausing to see if the cat moved away—He didn't.—and ran his fingers through the cat's hair, pushing it off of his face.

Yixing's eyes dipped closed of their own accord, and his muscles practically melted off his bones, leaving him relaxed and pliant. Each intake and sigh of breath carried a low purr that grew in intensity when Jongdae's fingers scratched the base of his ears.

Jongdae stopped petting the cat when his hand cramped. Blown pupils hazily looked beyond his face, wondering why the pleasing sensation was gone but too mellowed out to seek it out again.

Yixing scooted closer until their bodies were flush. He tucked a leg over and behind Jongade's, ducked his chin to his chest, and shifted around until he settled with his forehead at Jongdae's chin. His tail hung over the couch; a strong whip of muscles draped it over his thigh, where the very tip twitched and flicked.

Jongdae pressed a kiss to the cat's hair, smiling to himself when the purrs started up again. "You should be like this more often. . ."

Sehun/Tao » cat-turned-human AU » G » ~280 words
Sehun stumbles into his apartment, kicking the door shut and toeing off his sneakers. He drops his book bag and yawns. “Peaches? Here kitty kitty.”

“Pretty sure I’ve told you I don’t like that.”

He jumps at the unexpected voice and falls halfway to the floor. His knees strike the hardwood with a solid thud that has him wincing and whimpering a little, a sole tear springing up in his eye. He gazes wide-eyed at the young man standing in the doorway to his bedroom.

The stranger walks to the sofa—footsteps so light they make no sound—and leans over his crossed arms. “Are you alright?”

“Yeah!” Sehun scrambles to his feet and dusts off the seat of his pants. Nothing like a heart attack to wake him up. “Yeah, fine. Um, uh—Who are you?”

“Take a wild guess?” He shakes his wrist, which is encircled by a red leather band with shiny rhinestone studs and bright silver charms hanging from a small ring.

“Oh my God. What have you done with my cat?!” Sehun hustles around his apartment, calling repeatedly for his precious pet. He drops to all fours and peers under tables and shelves, going so far to hug the floor completely and shimmy under his bed.

Squeaking bed springs have him scrambling back into the open. His head pops up over the side of the mattress to be greeted with a long-nailed hand gently clenching and pulling at the blankets.

The stranger sprawls with an easy grace that is decidedly feline and has Sehun’s conscious babbling nonsense. “. . . Peaches?” he ventures, voice a strained squeak.

His human-cat blows a kiss and watches with blatant amusement as the human-human passes out.

Sehun/Tao » cat-turned-human AU » G » ~620 words
Sehun wakes up heavy and warm. He finds, upon opening his eyes, that both heat and weight come from the same source.

Peaches, the cat-that’s-not-anymore managed to move Sehun up off the floor and had taken the opportunity of an unconscious body to curl up between Sehun’s arm and side. He has Sehun’s phone in-hand, swiping at floating fruits.

“I was hoping I was dreaming.”

“Life with me is always a dream.”

“I could’ve sworn you were a kitten. Why are you so big?”

“You have no concept of cat years, do you?”


“I’m older than you are.”

Sehun snorts. “Perfect. Bullied by my cat.”

“No different than before.”

“Before I could pick you up and move you. Now. . .” he tries to roll away, tries to sit up, and gives up with a huffy sigh. “Now,” he stresses with a grunt, “I can’t even sit up.”

“You don’t need to. You just got home.”

“Yeah. I got home, took a little nap, but who’s going to make food?”

The cat stills, slices a watermelon in half, and drops the phone on Sehun’s stomach as he sits up. “You make a good point for once. Get up and feed me. I haven’t eaten all day.”

“You have food sitting out all the time.”

Peaches combs a hand through his hair, a parody of a grooming cat. “Have you ever tried dried food? It’s bland." Comb comb. "And dry." Fluff. Comb. "And gross.”

“You never complained before.” Sehun scoots off his bed to stand.

“Yes, I did. You thought I was just being cute.” He shoulders passed Sehun and hops onto the kitchen countertop.

“Hey! Down.”

“Make me.” Bigger and brawnier evidently means sassier and feistier. Sehun shrinks a little under the challenging, dark-eyed glare and is a bit more convinced that the human-cat is, in fact, his former cat-cat. He has been on the receiving end of that same glare many times after treading on a tail or paw, removing an insistent feline to change his sheets, and taking away the “people food” from a curious nose and tongue.

Sehun backs down and opens the fridge to avoid the slanted stare. “Fine. At least you shouldn’t shed as much.” He closes the fridge again. “Is pasta okay with you? Easy, fast, put what you want on it.”


“And if this,” he gestures to the cat’s humanoid body, “is permanent, then you need a different name. I refuse to call you ‘Peaches’ in public.” He fills a pot with water, turning over names in his head. Everything he comes up with is the name of a friend, family member, or drama character. Setting the pot on the stove, he turns it on high and leans back against the counter. “I got nothing. Do you have any ideas?”

“Nope. We don’t really do names for ourselves. Everyone just smells different. Which is weird,” he continues with an experimental sniff. “Nothing really smells, anymore. It’s like my nose is stuffy with nothing. I can’t even smell YOU, and I’m wearing your clothes.”

“Another thing that has to change. You’re too big for my clothes.”

The water begins to bubble. Sehun is impatient and dumps a bag of pasta in. As the water boils and the pasta cooks, he retrieves his phone and does a couple web searches. The human-cat watches closely over his shoulder.

“Must you be so close?”

“You never complained before.”

“You were a lot smaller and less human before.” Sehun shows him the phone screen. “Here. Tao. Chinese. Pretty much the same, only this is actually used as a human name. Can you live with that?”

“I suppose. It could be worse, anyway. Your pot’s boiling over.”

“Why didn’t you take it off!?”

Newly-dubbed-Tao returns to his perch on the counter without a reply, bored with the scolding. Cat habits die hard, evidently.

Sehun/Tao/Kai; cat-turned-human AU » PG-13 (language) » ~470 words
Sehun is just walking out of class when his phone sings. “Jongin?”

“Sehun, when did you get a room mate?”


“I let myself into your apartment.”

Fuck. “I told you to wait for me!”

“I am waiting! I'm waiting in your apartment with your very friendly room mate.”

“Do not touch him.”

“Hands-free, my friend, but, in all honesty, he’s the one doing most of the touching. Like, I'm legit lying here with my arms up, and he's just totally comfortable on top of me. . .”

Sehun may have broken a few laws in his hustle home. Throwing open his apartment door—which Jongin never remembers to lock—he trips over shoes that aren't his and kicks them against the wall.

Jongin peers around the sofa back. “Welcome back. Don’t break your wall.”

“I'm gonna break YOU.”

“You've said that before. I wasn't impressed.”

Sehun rolls his eyes and drops his jacket on a hook piled with sweatshirts. When he toes off his sneakers, he feels marginally calmer until he paces around the sofa and sees his human-cat napping on Jongin’s lap. He raises a finger. “Before you ask again, I am going to tell you that you’re not going to believe me." He points to Tao. "The guy on your lap is my cat. No, I don’t know what happened. I’ve given up trying to figure it out. If you wanted to be helpful, you’d figure out a way I can possibly keep him here, since men are more expensive than cats.”

“. . .” Jongin snaps his gum and chews thoughtfully, eyebrows dipped in a mildly concerned vee over his nose. “That’s just messed up, man. You need to go to bed earlier or something.”

“I've been trying to tell him that for months.” Tao stretches on Jongin’s lap with a satisfied whine.

“You've lived with him for that long?”

Sehun sighs. “Ten months, Jongin. I just told you he’s my cat.”

“Like, cat-cat? That miniature black panther with the sissy name?”

Finally, someone who understands. Tao raises his arms, planting a hand on either side of Jongin’s face. Sehun doesn't know if he should freak out on his human-cat or human-human best friend when Jongin doesn't resist and lets himself be pulled down to hunch over Tao, who leans up just enough to touch his lips to Jongin’s.

As a cat-cat, Tao had no qualms kissing people; they all seemed to love it and found it to be the sweetest thing. As a human-cat, the effect seems to be no different, but Jongin has always been a bit special, in Sehun's opinion.

“Please don’t make out with my cat.”

“It’s just a kiss, Sehun.”

Tao agrees with a flat look. “You don’t complain when I kiss you.”

Sehun flushes pink at Jongin’s look and mumbles something about putting his bookbag away.
Tags: ! g/pg, ! pg-13, au: catboy/catgirl, au: roommates, au: slice of life, au: we belong together, written: 2014, ♂ chen, ♂ kai, ♂ lay, ♂ suho, ♂ tao, ♛ exo, ♥ chen/lay, ♥ kai/suho, ♥ sehun/tao, ✍ microfiction, ✍ one-shot
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